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Valley Forge Services

Dog Boarding Kennels, Grooming & Cattery. North Berwick, East Lothian

Open 9am until 6pm daily 

Kennel and Cattery Booking Form with Terms and Conditions.

Please print, complete and return to us with the correct deposit prior to your stay.




(see T&C's for dates)


(see T&C's for dates)


 Valley Forge Boarding Kennels and Cattery Terms and Conditions

  • Fees are charged on a daily rate which includes the day of arrival. Collection must be made prior to 10am on day of departure, after which cost will include full day. All prices include VAT.
  • Upon booking a £20 non-refundable deposit is required for off season and a £50 non-refundable deposit is required for peak season. Peak Seasons: 15TH JUNE - 15TH AUGUST and includes school holidays.
  • Any cancellation not notified within 48 hours of commencement of the booking will be liable for payment of 50% of the total booking value.
  • Any customer failing to honour a booking without notification will be liable for payment in full.
  • A telephone enquiry/provisional booking is not accepted as a booking. To reserve a place for your pet(s), a completed booking form and deposit are required to be provided by all customers before the booking is accepted. As we operate on a 'first come, first served' basis, it is essential that you return the booking form and deposit to avoid disappointment.
  • Payment of the balance can be made by way of cheque or cash. Cheques must be presented on arrival of your pet(s). Balance payments made by way of PayPal will incur a 3.4% charge. Returned payments and/or late payment will be subject administration charges. Pets will not be released until the balance is paid in full. Owners will be liable for any additional boarding costs incurred
  • Pets arriving late will be charged from the original date of booking unless prior notification is provided.
  • It is emphasised whilst every care and attention is given, the proprietors accept no responsibility for injury due to your pet(s) behaviour whilst boarded in our kennels or cattery.
  • All animals must be fit, in sound condition, and of pleasant disposition when entering Valley Forge Boarding kennels and cattery. In the event of your pet falling ill during boarding we reserve the right to call in a veterinary surgeon. All costs to be borne by the owner. This will include all Veterinary call out charges, transportation etc. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover this. The proprietors reserve the right to turn away any dog which they feel is not suited to be boarded.
  • Please note: Pets showing signs of kennel cough or any other contagious diseases will be turned away.
  • The food provided is supplied by a long standing manufacturer and is suitable for all types of pets. Should your pet(s) be on a specific diet, please bring their food with you for your pets visit.
  • Dogs are taken out on a one to one basis unless boarded together.
  • No pet will be accepted into the kennel without a UK emergency contact name, address and contact number. Owners/contacts will be asked to remove difficult dogs from the kennels. Owners must make emergency contacts aware of this responsibility
  • Please note that, unless informed prior to the date of departure, we are unable to release pets to third parties.
  • Owners are liable for any damages inflicted upon staff or property by their pet(s).